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Sai baba Mission
"Why fear I am there"
Forsaking the worldly pleasure in his tender years Sai Baba came to Shirdi with a mission that sprang from the source of His free and redeemed spirit. His mission was self-allotted and that was to awaken the mankind to his true self and divine nature. He wanted to lead them to salvation by saving them from delusion and ignorance. Such is His benevolence that Sai Baba stands there eternally extending His helping hand to give solace to His children who are suffering and leading a wretched life devoid of any hope.

Life of Sai Baba:-
Shri Sai baba of Shirdi lived between 1838 and 1918, whose real name, birthplace and date of birth are not known. Sai baba of Shirdi was followed by both Hindus as well as Muslims. He lived in a mosque and after death his body was cremated in a temple. It is believed that at a tender age of 16 yrs Shri Sai baba arrived at the village of Shirdi in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and remained their till his death. Sai Baba sheltered in Khandoba temple, where a villager Mahalsapathi in the temple addressed him as Sai or Sai Baba. His philosophy ingrained 'Shraddha' and 'Saburi'. Shraddha means Faith with Love while Saburi means Patience. Sai baba use to give Udi to the devotees, which is a scared ash produced in Dwarkamai.
Sai Baba's 11 Teachings
  No harm shall befall him who sets his foot on the soil of Shirdi.
  He who cometh to My Samadhi, his sorrow and suffering shall cease.
  Though I be no more in flesh and blood, I shall ever protect my devotees.
  Trust in Me and your prayer shall be answered.
  Know that My Spirit is immortal. Know this for yourself.
  Show unto me he who sought refuge and been turned away.
  In whatever faith men worship me, even so do I render to them.
  Not in vain is My Promise that I shall ever lighten your burden.
  Knock and the door shall open. Ask and ye shall be granted.
  To him who surrenders unto me totally I shall be ever indebted.
  Blessed is he who has become one with Me.
Daily Schdule At the Samadhi Mandir
4:00 am : Temple open.
4.15 am : Bhupali.
4:30 am : Kakad Aarti (morning).
5:00 am : Bhajan in Saibaba Mandir.
5.05 am : Holy Bath of Shri Sai Baba (Mangal Snaan) in Samadhi Mandir.
5:35 am : Aarti "Shirdi Majhe Pandharpur".
5:40 am : Darshan begins in Samadhi Mandir.
9:00 am : Abhishek Pooja.
8:00,10:30 : Satyanarayana Pooja.
11:30 am : Dhuni Pooja with rice and ghee in Dwarkamai.
12:00 noon : Mid day Aarti.
4:00 PM : Pothi (Devotional reading/Study) in Samadhi Mandir.
At Sunset : Dhoop Aarti.
8:30 - 10:00 PM : Devotional Songs in Samadhi Mandir and other Cultural Programmes (if any).
9:00 PM : Chavadi and Gurusthan closes.
9:30 PM : In Dwarkamai water is given to Baba, a mosquito net is hung and the hanging lamp is lit.
9:45 PM : Dwarkamai (the upper part) closes.
10:30 PM : Shej (night) Aarti, after this , a shawl is wrapped around the statue in the Samadhi Mandir, a Rudraksha mala is put around baba's neck, Mosquito net is hung, and a glass of water kept there.
11:15 PM
: Samadhi Mandir closes after night Aarti.
Places To Visit In Shirdi
Khandoba Temple. Gurusthan Samadhi Mandir.
Dwarkamai. Chavadi Lendi Garden.
Other Samadhis.        
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